I always wanted to win a big check, but I never thought it would come from fixing my grandmother's WiFi.

A few months ago, I got the idea for a tech support service for Senior Citizens. I enlisted the help of two buddies (Steven Ebert and Nitin Dua) and created a business, Independent.ly, that made it to the final round of VCU's Venture Creation Competition. We walked away with a comically large check and an understanding of how intimidating Shark Tank must be.


Older generations lack the "digital fluency" to diagnose and articulate tech problems. 


Many Senior Citizens feel like a burden when asking their relatives for help with technology, but a majority of their tech-issues can be solved with some light Googling by a Digital Native. 


Phone-based assistance tailored specifically for this group and delivered in plain language. No jargon, acronyms or assumption of tech fluency. Just patient, Digital Natives (working remotely and on their own schedule) translating Senior Citizen's issues and offering solutions.

Marketing Strategy

Primary Target: Children and grandchildren of Senior Citizens are currently serving as tech-support, but are frustrated that what should be "family time" becomes tech troubleshooting. We will reach out while they are trying to solve their relative's tech-issues with banner ads and paid search marketing.

Secondary Target: Senior Citizen's are weary of being a burden to their family and open to alternatives. The frustration and helplessness they feel when encountering tech difficulties is heartbreaking. We will reach them with Email, Direct Mail, Radio, and Partnerships with retirement communities, AARP, etc. 


The Nitty Gritty