I just took a shower and decided that I should write a series of album reviews. So I’m going to do that.

These are not meant to be expert opinion. They are just the opinions and scattered thoughts of a person who loves listening to music and has been doing it intently his entire life. I don’t know more than basic music theory and have never created any music. I just consume it. When people ask me what I like to do, I rarely say the truth which is simply listening to music. It makes my life immeasurably better.

Here’s the plan. I’ll listen to an album several times over the course of a week and collect thoughts. Some about the music, some not, but all generated because if it. Then I’ll put that on a page and place it gently upon the interwebs.  I’ll try to do this once a week. Key word in that sentence is try.

My hope is that people enjoy it and if they don’t enjoy the writing at least they’ll be introduced to or reminded of some incredible music. Or something like that.